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  • Market leader

    Our management has over 30 years’ worth of combined experience in complex managerial roles, with deep functional knowledge in accounting, tax law, banking, development, ICT, aviation, hospitality, health and telecommunication industries.


    We worked in 7 different countries in Europe and manage local and international accounting and tax assignments delivering an unbeatable service portfolio to our customers with a strong focus on a high quality of service, flexibility and holistic execution power.


    As a result, our total customer base represents a market share of around 5% of the total Montenegrin accounting industry and thus a leader in the market. Our clientele consists of medium-sized companies to large global corporations and high net worth individuals from over 40 different countries from 6 continents.

    Quality & Value

    Our people are the main cornerstone of ekonomik accountants and we hire just those who truly make a difference. We do our work with passion and care. We are awarded from 2019-2022 for 4 consecutive years in the Top 100 Best performing companies in Montenegro and are officially listed largest firm in the accounting & auditing industry.


    Our qualitative team consist of accountants, legal and court specialists and contains dedicated professionals who are at your service for the business support your company requires on daily bases.


    We work according the IFRS standards, follow the Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants and are members of the Institute of Certified Accountants of Montenegro, ICAM, Institute of Accountants and Auditors of Montenegro, IRRCG and MFIC, the Montenegrin Foreign Investment Council.

    Outperforming the Market

    The core business of ekonomik accountants includes the preparation of financial statements, payroll compliances & financial reports. Complementary we provide corporate income tax and value added tax returns, tax advisory and other adherent services.


    This means that we provide tax planning services, excel in tax law, and we are equally efficient in handling the day-to-day accounting and all tax related services efficiently, profoundly and customer centric. A proven combination of complementary services are provided when you seek for a secure partnership in tax law and daily accounting compliance.


    By using the most secure accounting software solution on the market, apply Single-Point-of-Contact principle, 4-eye principle and internal process rules books, we are able to deliver a service that stands out from the market. We comply with NOCLAR (Compliance with Laws and Regulations) and IFAC Quality Control Standards (ISQC).

  • The services

    Company incorporations

    The complete procedure for a company incorporation takes typically from 2 up to 5 working days depending on type of legal entity, complexity of structure and activity codes. Remote incorporation of companies can be done with Power of Attorney.

    Accounting compliance

    Our qualitative certified accounting services include UNIQA liability insurance and a dedicated team of accountants is working with Single-Point-of-Contact principle for an ultimate professional service experience.

    VAT compliance & refunding

    Ekonomik Accountants provides accurate standard monthly recurring VAT compliance as well as complex refunding services and ad-hoc requests for VAT returns on large development projects.

    Legal representatives

    Legal and tax representatives for foreign, non-resident companies or Montenegrin branch offices can be provided to A-level companies to ensure local presence to state and banking authorities and other relevant on the ground duties.

    Work & Residence permits

    As the largest provider on the market we offer a comfortable end-2-end guidance in the full immigration process of individuals up the large cooperation's with needs to deal with on-site health checks and larger volumes of 100+ employees per day.

    Certifications & licensing

    We assist in application processes for each type of business license companies might require to execute on specific activity codes for construction and development, banking, tourism, energy, ecological projects and various other industries.

    Payroll management

    Payroll management compliance can be provided as an integral service in combination with our accounting services or contracted as separate service when single outsourcing of monthly payroll is preferred by the client business model.

    Registered office services

    Legal registered address for Montenegrin entities as required by law can be provided by our firm when no physical company address is owned or leased by the client and can be utilized as your official registered business address in Montenegro.

    Reporting services

    Our extended services include the utmost precise corporate reporting including but not limited to extensive balance sheet reports, P&L sheet, gross balance sheet, cost/income report, cash flow statement and various other reporting requirements.

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    Ekonomik Accountants is MFIC member.

    The Montenegrin Foreign Investors’ Council - the MFIC - , is an association of the leading foreign investors in the country, established in 2009 (www.mfic.me). The Council was established as a non-governmental and non-profit organization aimed at the improving the investment climate and supporting business development in Montenegro. Download here the latest MFIC investment guide.

  • 450+ satisfied customers

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  • “Alucon has hired more than 500 employees whereby Ekonomik Accountants played a crucial role in HR employment procedures in on-boarding the employees, monthly payroll tasks, accounting and tax advisory. They have always been very professional and punctual, making them a reliable partner.”

    “Ekonomik Accountants is brilliant at sorting things out in a pro-active way. They have a personal approach to guide us with accounting and payroll matters of our 2 hospitals and we have been impressed by the expertise and understanding of the health care business.”

    “Our relationship quickly expanded and has now grown into something so valuable that we wouldn't make a business decision in Montenegro without consulting Ekonomik Accountants. The dedicated people work as hard for us as if they were our own staff.”

    “The knowledge and attention to detail in Ekonomik Accountants have aided in keeping our company on track during the increased workload when we had to ramp up to more than 300 employees.”


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