Ekonomik Accountants annual results 2018 up by 77%.

Ekonomik annual results 2018.

Final results of 2018 of the Ekonomik Group, containing ekonomik accountants d.o.o. and ekonomik asset management d.o.o., shows continuation of its growth path.

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We decided to sell-off ekonomik staff leasing d.o.o. during 2018 in order to put our focus on the strongly growing customer base in accounting and related activities. By streamlining and simplifying the portfolio it enabled us to strengthen the Quality of Service and as well it boosted significant growth in the core.

The overall results show YoY net revenue (in '000 euro) increase by 77% from 539k in previous year to 955k in 2018. EA boosted operating income by +110% versus previous year to 696k, the strongest year-over-year increase in the history of the company, more than doubling its business results. EAM operating income increased by +36% to 259k. Total company assets for 2018 are 579k and combined operational net results are 34,5% equaling 330k.

As we strive to be the main accounting firm in Montenegro that provides an unbeatable superior accounting service for an affordable and compelling pricing scheme, we put in the second half of the year close focus on stability, control and further quality improvements.

In 2018 the markets were volatile in certain segments and renowned local as well foreign companies found their way to our doorsteps. Throughout the year we were able to steer our customer portfolio to a larger, broader and stronger base. We further optimized overall performances which is shown in overall customer satisfaction which remains our top priority at all times.

Jacco Landsmeer

Partner Ekonomik Accountants d.o.o.