Ekonomik Accountants opening new headquarters spring 2020.

New headquarters in Podgorica.

As business growth of Ekonomik Accountants continued over the years it is time to change the current headquarters and move into larger facilities to meet the needs of our employees and size of operations.

Spring 2020 the doors will open of the new facilities in the center of Podgorica. The offices will be located in the heart of the city of Podgorica in the King's Park, between hotel Hilton, hotel Nikic and the Musical Center of Montenegro.

The new and modern premises have comfortable designated parking places for the customers right in front of the entrance and facilitates modern large open and closed offices with several meeting rooms, a nice lounge & coffee bar, spacious canteen and terraces.

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It welcomes our customers with a "working" lounge where they can choose to take a fresh coffee or tea and plug-in their laptop when needed, supported by a "high-standing" informal meeting room for more privacy if required. Furthermore on the ground floor our court specialists have their seats.

The accounting team and management can be found on the spacious first floor, accompanied by their own meeting rooms for their customers and large canteen that can be used by anyone that pleases and seeks out for a break, lunch or informal chat.

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As a company we strive to optimize the working conditions in an optimal way to comfort our people and make a functional, pleasant and qualitative working environment for everyone, including our customers and we believe the new headquarters will do exactly that.

The official opening date will be announced in January 2020.

Kind regards,

Ivana Djurasevic, Managing Director