Ekonomik results 2023 reach 2.4MLN euro.

Ekonomik group results 2023 reach 2.4MLN euro.

For the financial year 2023, containing Ekonomik Asset Management, Ekonomik Accountants and Panda Holdings, the figures show an increase in revenues versus the previous year while the core activity accounting and tax law remained stable.

Ekonomik Accountants revenue went slightly down from 1.33MLN euro to 1.28MLN euro, Ekonomik Asset Management revenue showed a modest 435k euro and Panda Holdings delivered a total income of 726k this year. Combined operational net results went up from 746k euro in 2022 to 1.02MLN in 2023. Total company assets went up from 3.6MLN euro to 6.01MLN euro.

In terms of operations, we are very proud the team delivered an excellent output to the customers and contracted projects, showing great team spirit and mutual support strengthening the overall performance of the company.

We see the inflow of foreign projects into the country rising, although still having a conservative approach to direct investments due the geopolitical circumstances and higher price levels. The current momentum in relation to the EU accession is seen as positive and hopes are high in terms of further developments. Obviously, it would foster more stability, transparancy and open the door to substantial support that would stimulate the overall economy of the country through numerous initiatives that would become within reach.

We look forward to an excellent 2024 and wish all our colleagues and customers a prosperous year ahead.