Ekonomik Accountants annual results 2019 up by 65%

Ekonomik annual results reach 1.5MLN euro.

Final results of 2019 of Ekonomik, containing Ekonomik Accountants d.o.o. and Ekonomik Asset Management d.o.o. setting an all-time high in revenues, profitability and total customer base.

The overall results show YoY net revenue (in '000 euro) increase by 55% from 955k euro in previous year to 1.5MLN euro in 2019. EA boosted operating income by +65% versus previous year to 1.2MLN, an excellent year-over-year increase and recorded as the highest net business results of all accounting firms in the country.

EAM operating income increased by +28% to 329k. Total company assets increased this year are 2.01MLN euro and combined operational net results are equaling 580k euro.

Jacco Landsmeer

Partner Ekonomik Accountants d.o.o.